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The World Heritage Site of Bath and the stunning surrounding countryside is one of England's most beautiful places to visit and with two of Britain’s best universities, it is a wonderful place to study.

Here you'll find some information about the most popular areas that students have preferred to stay.

This is what the Bath student housing handbook has to say:

South Down

"Southdown has excellent local shops and a reliable, regular bus service" 

Southdown is approximately 2 miles from the city centre on the top of a hill. There are various shops and takeaways, which will cater for most of your needs. There is a regular bus service to the town centre, nut you need to get two buses to get to the Uni. The number 10 bus runs every 10 mins during the day from Bath city centre to Southdown, and then every 20 mins at night. The number 10 runs through Oldfield Park, so you can jump off, and onto the 418 or 18 bus service to either campus, but this can be quite time consuming. 

Oldfield Park

"Oldfield Park is great, you have all you need here and the buses are frequent!" 

Oldfield Park is the main student area in Bath. Its a very convenient place to live, because there is a great range of shops and its on the 418 and 410 bus route. The best bar is on the edge of Oldfield Park and is called the Green Park Tavern. It has a brilliant atmosphere and is very good meeting point.

The university bendy-bus goes through Oldfield Park, usually three times an hour to Bath Spa University College and more frequently during peak hours to the University of Bath, and the 410 service also operates in the mornings. 


"Twerton is an alright place to live, its close to Bath Spa University College, and has a good selection of well stocked shops." 

Twerton is on the outskirts of Bath, approx 30 minutes walking distance from the centre of town. The local shops are clustered together so it’s very convenient and will cater for most of your needs. There is also a regular bus service to the city centre. The number 5 bus runs every 10 minutes during the day from the city centre to Twerton and then every 20 


"Weston is an ideal area because it has all the necessities readily available." 

Weston is 15 minute drive from the city centre. It is a vibrant area with several pubs. The High Street has a variety of shops and a frequent bus service. The orange 418 goes along every half an hour to get to the university. The 20a, 20c and the 14/14a run along 


"Widcombe is a quiet, residential area very close to the town centre. Its a more upmarket area so it can be more expensive, but it has plenty of local amenities" 

Widcombe sits on the Kennet and Avon canal. It is not far from the city centre and the Bath Spa train station and bus depot. The area is a 5 - 10 minutes walk to the city centre, where you have all the amenities and nightlife. From the bus station you can pick up the bus links to both the University of Bath and Bath Spa University College. It is possible to walk or cycle to the University campus from Widcombe and many do, although it is Steep Hill. 

Combe Down

"Combe Down has a wide range of shops which are literally on the doorstep. Everything is convenient including travel" 

Combe Down is generally a quiet and friendly area top live. The area is popular with students, being fairly close to the University of Bath, and offers shops and pubs that are all within stumbling distance of one another. The area is residential. Accommodation is mainly semi detached or terraced houses, many with gardens. The area is ideal is you have a car, but students have experienced difficulties with the regularity of the bus links. The first bus services 20a and 20c run between the University of Bath and Coombe Down, taking around 20 minutes. Also the number 2 service runs into the city centre every 15 minutes, taking around 11 minutes to get there. Number 18 and 418 connections can then be picked up in town to get to Bath University or to Bath Spa University College respectively. 


"Larkhall community is close to the city centre and has all the shops and services you will need" 

Accommodation in Larkhall consists mainly of terraced housing, with semi detached properties. Larkhall is busy in the daytime due to there being three schools in the area, and hence is also the home of many families. However students are also drawn to the area because of the amenities it offers. Larkhall has the advantage f being close to the A4 junctions, meaning less traffic congestion to face on the way out of the city. Larkhall is serviced by several bus routes, including the number 6 and 7 first service. These run into the city centre every 15 minutes via the supermarket on London Road, but there is no direct link to either University. Parking is roadside and spaces are plentiful. 


"Bathwick is a ten minute walk to the city centre" 

It is a residential area, Bathwick hill runs directly up to the University of Bath making this a good choice of location for those who wish to be close to campus. This is a comparatively expensive area of Bath, with accommodation being mainly private flats as opposed to there being houses suitable for sharers. The area serviced by the First Bus Company (numbers 18 and 418). There pass up and down Bathwick Hill via the Claverton campus around every seven minutes in term time. This service also runs into the early hours of the morning. The 418 bus also runs to Bath Spa University College (Newton Park.) 

Bear Flat

"Bear Flat has lively and sometimes rather odd services. It more than meets any students needs" 

Bear Flat has a very nice student orientated area. It has nice, yet busy atmosphere, and is generally very safe. It is quite close to the town centre and only takes 5 Min's by bus. The number 14, 14a and the 714 bus service run every ten mins from Bath city centre to Bear Flat. There isn't a direct bus route from Bear Flat to Bath Spa University College, but you are in close proximately to the 18 and 418 bus stops in Oldfield Park. 


"Newbridge Road is a nice area. All the things you could need are along Chelsea Road and there are two good pubs within walking distance. There are fewer parking restrictions here than many other areas of Bath, which makes it easier for people who own cars" 

Stretching from the Boathouse pub along to Windsor Bridge, Newbridge Road is a popular place with students for accommodation. A variety of accommodation is available in Newbridge from two bedroom flats to eight bedroom houses. Newbridge is a particular favourite of students at Bath Spa University College because of the proximity of the Newton Park Campus. Public transport is frequent along Newbridge Road and it is a 10 minute journey into Bath city centre. Newbridge Road is included on lots of bus routes. The X39 and 339 run from Bath to Bristol every 15 minutes passing near the Bath Spa Newton Park Campus. The 418 orange buses run from the university of Bath to Bath Spa University College, every half hour. The 332, 20a, 14 and 17 pass along through Newbridge Road. However town is only a 20 minute walk via the Royal Victoria Park. 

Odd down

"A quiet area. Several very good takeaways just a short hop from your doorstep" 

There is a lot of student accommodation in Odd Down. Although quite far from the city centre the bus service is very regular and there is plenty of on street parking for those with cars. The area is services by 20a and 20c buses to the university. The 14, 14a and 714 run every 10 minutes during the day from the city centre to Odd Down, and then every 15 minutes at night, taking approx 15 minutes. You will also need to get this bus to the city centre to pick up either the 418 or 18 services.